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Hot Yoga


DEAR BEGINNER … I want to express a warm welcome to you and your new journey – yoga. With regular practice it will soon be evident that you discovered a strong tool for physical development and personal growth. Already in the first few training sessions, it will be clear to you, how many positive changes yoga can bring.

BEGINNERS – THIS IS HOT YOGA – you will sweat … The studio is heated to 37 degrees with 50-60% humidity, which promotes weight loss, keeps muscles warm (allows us a deeper and better stretching), increases heart rate for better cardiovascular workout and sweating will cleans the body of toxins.

ARRIVAL TO A CLASS … Advance notice is not required, however we ask you to come at least 15 minutes prior to exercise to make sure you have your place. Due to the limited number of places, the class can be fully occupied.

EVERYBODY CAN DO IT … Previous experience with yoga is not necessary. Hot yoga is for everyone, regardless of capacity and body type. You put yourself in the posture as you can. As in any other physical activity you’re doing better with each workout. Everyone reacts to heat differently, to some it is easier, while others need some time to get accustomed. If during the exercise you overheat, just sits or lie down on your mat and and breathe. Again, you will resume practice when you are ready.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN PRACTICING FOR A WHILE … Do not forget that hot yoga is a challenging workout, so practice at your best and do not compare your practice with others. Do not expect that you will master the pose overnight. The task of the trainer is to guide and motivates you along, while your task is to know where are your abilities. Respect your physical limitations and see where you can go in each posture. If it is difficult for you to practice hot yoga, the more you need it and the more you gain with regular exercise. Yoga WORKS! It is the best thing for your health, physique, well-being and happiness!!!

INJURIES AND ILLNESSES … Please, before exercise, let your instructor know if you have any illness or injuries.

PREGNANCY … about exercise during pregnancy, consult your gynecologist.

WATER! WATER! WATER! … Before exercise drink plenty of water. In general, drink plenty of water every day, not just on the day of exercise. Drinking water is needed to replace fluid that we lose during exercise. During workouts, there are brief breaks for water. Bring your water bottle.

FOOD … at least 2 hours before exercise, do not eat. If necessary, have a small piece of fruit.

CLOTHING … Wear tight-fitting, lightweight and suitable cloths for the sport.

WHAT TO BRING? … Bring a yoga mat if you prefer to use your own, otherwise we have mats in the studio. Bring a large towel for the mat and towel for the shower. And a water bottle. Bring the slippers, so you will not walk barefoot from the wardrobe to the studio. A 90-minute workout is not only physically strenuous, it is also a mental challenge, so do not forget to bring the good mood.

FOCUS ON YOURSELF AND BE STILL IN EACH POSTURE … With regular exercise, you will improve your ability to stay focused and quiet in a posture. You will grow in your practice of yoga and decrease your efforts, both physical and mental. The extra movement only uses up your energy.

EACH CLASS IS DIFFERENT … Leave your expectations at the door and start with every workout as if it was your first. Your body is different every day and it is quite normal, that the practice is easier one day and harder the next day. Do not be disappointed and do not think that there is something wrong, if you have a difficult practice. Often it will be, that your good practice succeeds a not so good one, or vice versa.

YOGA TRAINING AND ADVANCED TRAINING is a journey that never ends … Nobody will be condemning or criticizing you, so do not look around. Other people in the class are too focused on themselves to be looking at you. As long as you give all of you in the practice and postures, you will get all the benefits of exercise, the same as the people that have been practicing longer and thus with greater ease, flexibility and better balance. Your instructor will propose adjustment or correction for intensive posture. By upgrading yoga practice, you will become more familiar with your body and mind, as well as with practice.

RELAXATION AT THE END OF EXERCISE … At the end of the exercise, learn to relax, totally and entirety. Final relaxation is a key part of the practice. We stretch muscles, squeeze the internal organs and send unlimited information to the nervous system. Allow your body to relax the nervous system and integrate the information received. This is often the hardest part of the practice. If you learn to relax after a workout, you will learn to relax outside the studio as well.