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Hot Yoga



In the beginning  the practice seems difficult. Do not exaggerate, come into the pose at your best and with every workout you will get better. If it gets difficult during exercise, just lie down on the mat »dead body« pose and rest, as long as you want. During practice do not leave the hot room. Drink enough water, especially on the day of excercise. Body will loose a lot of fluid through sweat. If you have a slight headache after class, it is a sign of dehydration. If oyu are tired after class, next time, focus more on breathing.

Sometimes you can feel happy, angry or even sad during exercise, it’s all normal. During yoga practice you will learn that the body, mind and emotions are connected, tears might come, or you will sneak a smile, or anger will come up … there’s nothing wrong, only emotions are released. Yoga works at different levels.

Written by spelap
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